I Support the BARS Program

I may be unemployed at present (and indeed have been for the vast majority of the past two years), but that doesn’t mean I’m not making every effort to find gainful employ where possible. On occasion, I do temporary work through Manpower, and one of their particular engagements is the BARS Program. As part of this program, I visit various gas stations, grocery stores, convenience stores, bars, restaurants, and other places selling alcohol and/or tobacco, and make sure that they are carding according to their policies. I finished one of these routes today. But wait, there’s more!

The Perils of Instantaneous Posting

At one time I wanted to be an English teacher. I also wanted to be an author. While I have since (at least for the present) abandoned formal education in that direction, I still aim to be an author.

Being an author requires little to no specific education beyond the general grade-school English courses we all get. That is why so many of us already are authors. Bloggers, designers, support staff, managers, customer service: we’re all authors, even if on a smaller scale than your typical novelist. But wait, there’s more!

Supersize me – one tall order of personal responsibility, coming right up!

So, today I heard a radio talkshow piece as I was driving this morning. The hosts were discussing a 16-year old who had been told they had 5-7 years to live unless they drastically changed their diet. Now, all was well and good with this, UNTIL they began discussing how the school system could allow such a thing, and how we need to overhaul the school cafeteria system to prevent this sort of tragedy. But wait, there’s more!