I’m A Poet, and I’ll Bet You Didn’t Know It

I wrote this back in 2005, and submitted it to a Christian magazine. Unsurprisingly, it was rejected: it is simplistic and the wording was rather forced. But I just found it again going through backups of my writings and other things I saved before selling my desktop a few weeks ago (to buy a tablet!). None can boast but Christ:

“Who Can Boast but I?”

I Am,
says the Lord.

I am He who was,
is, always will be

I created the heavens,
and the earth

I breathed life into Man
and all creatures

I sent my Son
to die on a tree
for all of Mankind

I am He who was, is,
always will be
the same forevermore

I Am,
says the Lord.

–Tim Graves, 28 Apr 05

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