Hi, I'm Tim Graves

Here's some of who I am:


I am currently teaching myself front-end web development, and have dipped my toes into the shallow areas of Java and native Android development.



I've been a poet, a school journalist, a short story author, and have written countless research papers. I was one of those kids who read the dictionary for fun.


I first picked up a camera to make sure I was behind the viewfinder rather than in front of the lens. From there, my interest in learning and love for tech lead me ever deeper.


Audio Tech

I inherited, and further developed, a musical ear. I currently volunteer that ear behind the audio mixer at my local church.

Forest Community Church


I have owned three motorcycles, and my favorite was a 2001 Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Classic. I look forward to riding again soon.


I married my lovely wife in July 2010, and she hasn't gotten tired of me yet. I love her the mostest.


I am "daddy" to three girls and a boy. The youngest was born in September 2017. I love them the most, more than anyone else but my wife.

Jesus Follower

Before the foundation of the world, He loved me most.

He loves you too