Star City Transport

We Transport It All

Malcom Merlyn. Damien Darhk. Slade Wilson. Ricardo Diaz. What do they all have in common? Aside from being impressive supervillains, they've all employed our transport vehicles. Whether traveling in style to back-alley meetings, traveling in force to government functions, or transporting high value merchandise, our vehicles have provided for the needs of Star City's elite.

From Plot's Beginning to End

We Move You With Discretion

You plan your schemes out with care and precision, keeping your plans hidden from law enforcement and vigilantes until the time for the ultimate showdown arrives. We ensure that your schemes pan out by using vehicles custom fit for the job at hand, as well as including - as a standard feature - the addition of extra vehicles specifically for obfuscation. While we're still working on technology to sidestep the vigilantes' impressively annoying technical prowess, we take extra precaution in the meantime to use good old-fashioned deception to avoid their prying eyes until you're ready for them to take the bait.

We're here for All Your Schemes

We Offer Trained Drivers and Muscle

Whether you need an army for a final confrontation or just a few cookie-cutter thugs as a distraction for the vigilantes while your real plan unfolds elsewhere, we maintain an unrivaled roster of entirely replaceable footsoldiers ready to cater to your every whim. Loyalty, however, comes at a premium.

Star City Transport